Poetry Slam


An exciting writing and performance workshop designed for large groups in KS2, KS3 and KS4.

Poetry slam day compositeWorking with up to 80 pupils at a time (one full-day session / two half-day sessions), or with smaller groups in repeat one-hour sessions, Slam Poetry Day builds pupils’ confidence and makes literacy exciting and engaging, honing myriad creative writing skills in the process.

“Absolutely incredible. The workshop was impressive from the first minute and most importantly, the kids loved it! I asked many of the students for their impressions at lunch time and to coin a phrase the were ‘mad for it’! As their Head of Year I have rarely seen so many students as engaged and happy to learn.” – Chris Holt, Head of Year 8, Wright Robinson College, Manchester


A Flexibile Day

Timings, student numbers, and precise content are all flexible. Students may take part based on criteria other than year group (disenfranchised, G&T), schools may wish to have some pupils from another year group act as judges, and so on. The day is always run accordging to school needs, after creative consultation with staff. and designed to accommodate your school’s needs.


What the workshop involves

Pupils work in teams of roughly 6-8 to write and perform their own spoken word poems. In agreement with you, workshops can focus on a particular theme (identity, anti-bullying, transition, drugs), or on an aspect of the curriculum (Shakespeare, volcanoes, Global Warming, black-history). Alternatively, subject matter can be left open and directed by pupils’ interests, in which case Andy has plenty of suggestions for anyone who gets stuck.

  • PERFORMANCE: Andy begins each session with a short performance which introduces pupils to the creative power of slam poetry.
  • WRITING SKILLS: Pupils work in teams to try to beat each other in rhyme battles, and to outdo each other in various writing games, including tongue twisters, never-before-heard metaphors, and unconventional love poems.
  • PERFORMANCE SKILLS: Pupils practice various performance elements, building confidence and improving microphone technique, gesture, vocal delivery and more.
  • TEAM COMPETITION: Using the writing and performance skills they now have in their poetry toolbox, pupils write and practice their team slam poem. Each session ends with team performances, with teacher-judges choosing the winners.
  • FOLLOW ON: At the end of the day teachers are given a hand out which describes the day’s activities and contains further ideas for writing exercises.


Curriculum Links:

Supports the National Curriculum for English; speaking, listening, reading, writing; group discussion and interaction, understanding and utilising language variation, presenting to different audiences, responding imaginatively, learning about gesture, tone, pace and rhetorical devices, adapting speech to listeners and activity.


What will the school need to provide?

  • A school hall or equivalent space large enough to seat up to 80 pupils in groups of 6-8 around tables.
  • Writing materials for pupils, a flipchart/whiteboard/computer with projector on which Andy can demonstrate.
  • 3 members of staff per session (2 if less than 60 pupils take part). Staff need not be English or drama teachers, all direction is easy to follow.
  • A list of pupil names before each session, to be used in an introductory freestyle poem/rap.



A follow up day is available, designed for those pupils who may be disengaged or need a confidence boost. This day targets up to 12 pupils who would benefit from additional writing, performance and group working skills. Using a more intensive format, Andy builds on his initial relationship to support pupils to further enhance their skill and to add new ones like beat-boxing, rap, poly-vocal work and movement. This masterclass can be booked after the first day and Andy can support in the selection of pupils.



Poetry Factor is a multi-school programme which begins with a Poetry Slam Day in each participating school. This is followed up with two more events:


What will the workshop cost?

Please get in contact for worshop costs. For an exact quote please include numbers, preferred date(s), location, and of course which workshop(s) you’d like to book.