Morris The Mouse


A rhyme and rhythm workshop for KS1 and Reception

Morris compositeA fun, active poetry workshop for Key Stage 1 pupils designed to support children’s learning and development in speaking and listening skills, and in identifying and responding to sound patterns in language.

“Fun and engaging! With an age-appropriate focus on sounds and rhyming, Morris the Mouse has a real relevance for young children learning phonics. The children thoroughly enjoyed the active session which included some memorable action poetry and created some fantastic spin-off learning opportunities back in the classroom.”

– Reception Class Teacher, Bramhope Primary School, Leeds


What the workshop involves

Andy will be in school for a full day and will work with one class (maximum 30 pupils) at a time to deliver three x 90 minute workshops, or four x 60 minute workshops for Reception and KS1 class groups. Workshops fit around school timings including playtime and lunch time.

  • The workshop begins with a poem about Morris the Mouse, who is forced to move house when a cat moves in.
  • Through imaginative word games, role play, puppet making, call and response and rhythm and rhyme the children help Morris to find somewhere else to live as he searches North, South, East, and West to find the house that he likes best.
  • The workshop concludes with a whole class performance of the poem
  • The teacher is given a copy of the poem and a hand out about the workshop activities with ideas for further development.


Aims and Objectives:

‘Morris the Mouse’ supports the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum for speaking, listening, reading and writing. This fun phonics workshop develops children’s visual and aural recognition and appreciation of rhythm and rhyme and will:

  • Improve personal learning and thinking skills through sustaining dramatic roles, matching words to actions, responding imaginatively and building narrative.
  • Improve pupil confidence through learning and performing poetry.
  • Improve team skills through poetry-based games, discussion and interaction.


What will the school need to provide?

  • A school hall or equivalent space the children can move around in.
  • The class teacher and classroom support as required.
  • Coloured pens/pencils, large paper/card, sellotape and scissors.


What does the workshop day cost?

Please get in contact for details of costs for full days (up to 4 classes) and half days (2 classes), as well as block booking discounts (applicable both for mutliple-day and multiple-school bookings).